Blowout Hairstyle – How To Style Video

Blowout hairstyle – How To Style Video

Hey guys, check out this video styling a Blowout hairstyle by the same man who help popularize it, Pauly D (aka Paul DelVecchio)!

As you can see, Pauly D has his Blowout hairstyle nailed to a T and has had enough practice with his hair; in fact, in my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, I tell you guys to do the same: to get to know your hair fully through all the tools that I give you in my book.

The Blowout hairstyle is best performed on straight hair although it can work to some extent with wavy hair and coiled hair (not with kinky hair). However, if you don’t have straight hair, I recommend you to simply straighten your curly/kinky hair to be able to sport the best-looking Blowout you can possibly have.

Hair products for the Blowout hairstyle

For what is worth, these are the hair products to use for the Blowout hairstyle:

Style that Blowout hairstyle like you mean it!

Pauly D with a Blowout hairstyle and haircut while djing

Follow the instructions on the video and the instructions on our Blowout hairstyle guide so that you get those locks of yours looking proper!

All the best.

Image credit: Eva Rinaldi

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  1. Christine MIller
    February 28, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    is THAT what you call that hairstyle that Pauly D has–blowout? AWFUL! I’m sorry. Everytime I see him I see Jughead from the Archies with that crown on.

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