Hair Gel: How to Style Men’s Hair

How to Style Men’s Hair with Hair Gel

Hair gel is hairstyling product that is very popular and well known among most males. As its name indicates, hair gel is of a gel-like texture and spreads easily across the fingers. About 1 or 2 fingertip amounts are sufficient for short hair whereas 2 to 4 finger-tip amounts are good to use for styling medium-length hair.

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What is hair gel?

Hair gel allows for the molding and holding of hairstyles, thus it is a great hairstyling product for just about all short men’s hairstyles. Hair gel comes in different strengths, known as “holds”, with a light-hold hair gel offering more of a sleek look while a strong-hold (or extra-strong) hair gel solidifying the hair. The only downside to hair gel is that the stronger it is, the more it will dry, which can be an inconvenience if you are looking to add shine to your locks. In any case hair gel offers a great shaping ability (for your hair) and will hold hair into pretty much any hairstyle (e.g. gravity-defying hairstyles).

Styling your hair with hair gel

To use hair gel, simply squeeze as many finger-tip amounts as you need, then rub your palms together aiming to coat your fingers in the hair gel. Once your fingers are coated, run them through your hair so as to now coat the hair with hair gel and provide the directions for your chosen hairstyle. Hair gel is great for short men’s hairstyles as well as for medium-length hairstyles; some of the hairstyles suitable for hair gel include the Ivy League Cut, the Undercut and the Blowout. When coating your hair with the hair gel, aim to not get any of the gel on your scalp.

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Best Hair Gel for Men

There really is no best hair gel for men per se, for the several holds available with hair gel gives us a wide selection of hair gel products. Overall, the best hair gel for men is that which provides the best cosmetic results and is customized to your particular hair case. Thus, below you can find a good selection of the best hair gels for men although you will have to try a few over the course of a year or so to finally know which hair gel is the best for you.

Best high-quality hair gels

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Best value hair gels (quality/price)

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Suitable hair types and lengths to use hair gel with

Hair gel suits pretty much both straight and curly hair as well as all of the 4 hair types (straight, wavy, coiled and kinky); likewise, hair gel is most useful for short and medium length hair. If you have long hair and want to use hair gel, be careful with the amount of gel you use as overdoing it can make your hair look like it is made of cardboard.

Overall, hair gel is an excellent hairstyling product that is a must-have in one’s arsenal for awesome hair. Hair gel provides variety for your hairstyles and, because of its different “strengths” (i.e. holds), hair gel offers a wide range of functionality that will always suit your specific hair case provided you customize your use of hair gel.

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